Why Seek Therapy?

We often go through life so fast that we rarely take the time to stop and reflect on what we’re doing and perhaps more importantly, why we’re doing it. It is important to process events in our life, including the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that often accompany us. Why is it important? Because it is healthy for our mind, our spirit, and our heart.  Because it enables us to function at our fullest potential and experience a deep joy and satisfaction that we all crave.

We go to the doctor when we’re not feeling well, or even for regular physical check-ups, yet we don’t check out how we’re doing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Why is that? I think we neglect these important areas of our lives because it is often “unseen” (and therefore disregarded), but also because we lack understanding of how the mind, spirit, and heart works (and therefore, these areas are also undervalued – intentionally or not).

To notice and care about our emotional, spiritual, and mental health is often viewed as insignificant.  If we’re not doing well emotionally, it hurts us inside but because we are so good at hiding our true feelings, we convince ourselves that we can manage life fine.  Eventually, however, what we’ve been suppressing for so long will always reveal itself externally, whether in behavioral changes or even physical changes (i.e. getting sick, feeling exhausted, or under-functioning in our daily activities).

Seeking therapy is one step towards caring for our overall holistic health.  Psychotherapists partner with you in your personal growth and exploration, as well as help you cope with many life issues, ranging from transitions/changes, relational conflicts and concerns, depression, anxiety, codependency, addictions, and numerous other issues.

Here is a great website explaining more about Psychotherapy and Counseling – I hope it helps you in your journey towards healing:

Questions About Therapy

I cannot emphasize this point enough, (taken from the above website): “Remember: The most important factor in securing effective therapy is a good relationship between you and your therapist.”

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